Dragon? Eh, how hard could it be?!

Delvers Quarry
As good a place as any to start

This is the starting point for our campaign.

Delvers Quarry is a small mining town in the middle of the Forgotten Realms. Dont worry about the Forgotten Realms, we’ll get to that later. For now, though, you have arrived looking for adventure and maybe a few gold coins…

You have heard that some merchants who come in to town are being forced to pay a “tax” by a rather ugly looking Orc just outside the covered bridge to the east of town. You know Orcs generally work in packs, so it’s a bit strange that this one is working alone.

Also, the attacks on merchants are random. There is no pattern (no time of the day, nor type of merchant).

It’s also a bit strange this orc seems to speak Common; most orcs speak only one language “I’m going to kill you with my axe” (this normally sounds like arguuugaaaggga).

I’m sure the town council would be grateful if you could stop this annoying monster from harrasing merchants coming into and out of the town…..

It’s only an orc… How hard could it be?



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