It’s only a Dragon…..

You’re first level. It’s 20+ How hard could this be?

This D&D4e game is primary built for my two brothers, who I only see a few times a year. If there is someone else who wants to get involved, please contact me. I am living outside of Warsaw, Poland. I’m 40 years old, and consider myself a casual gamer. I like cinematic-style roleplay and combat, I’m not a rules-hound. Of course, all games are in English. :-)

We will be starting for scratch. You know how this works. You will be creating first level characters, and we will be adventuring in from a small mining town (click on the maps page to see the links).

You will live the feature-rich lives of all first level dungeons and dragons characters. You will run away from cows, and throw innocent chickens down a hallway to see if there is anything down there.

You will die. Often.

As always, guests will be welcomed to play, and we will plan on gaming at least 4 times a year. The format works well if one of you cant make it, so we can continue playing. If I find local players who are interested, I’d be happy to run monthly sessions.

For now, your task is to think about what kind of character you want, and plan on building this character out when you visit.



Dragon? Eh, how hard could it be?!

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